Liburan ke Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) : Fairuz Kallista Marahaini

IMG_20130105_102504 IMG_20130105_102516 IMG_20130105_103253 IMG_20130105_103255 IMG_20130105_105856 IMG_20130105_110002 IMG_20130105_110122 IMG_20130105_110149 IMG_20130105_110321 IMG_20130105_110334 IMG_20130105_110406 IMG_20130105_110707 IMG_20130105_110922 IMG_20130105_111621 IMG_20130105_114247 IMG_20130105_114725 IMG_20130105_115059 IMG_20130105_121231 IMG_20130105_121241 IMG_20130105_121251 IMG_20130105_121253 IMG_20130105_121300 IMG_20130105_121437 IMG_20130105_121448 IMG_20130105_121505 IMG_20130105_122419 IMG_20130105_123349 IMG_20130105_130209 IMG_20130105_130222 IMG_20130105_130236 IMG_20130105_131851 IMG_20130105_131931 IMG_20130105_131937 IMG_20130105_132017 IMG_20130105_132041 IMG_20130105_132056 IMG_20130105_132108 IMG_20130105_132135 IMG_20130105_132731 IMG_20130105_132734 IMG_20130105_132743 IMG_20130105_132748 IMG_20130105_132751 IMG_20130105_132753


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